Aluminum U-dock and Ramp


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Boat Docks

ESA Industries is an industry leader in aluminum boat dock manufacturing. In most situations, aluminum boat docks offer significant advantages over traditional wood structures; these include very high durability to the stress of wake and boat-mooring, high resistance to corrosion and degredation, a much higher strength-to-weight ratio in comparison to wood structures, and a much longer overall product lifetime.

Each ESA aluminum dock frame employs a MIG welded structure, crafted with 6061 T-6 and 6063 T-52 extruded aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .188". ESA boat dock frames meet and exceed State of California load-bearing specifications for aluminum frame dock systems.

For some customers, such as those in saltwater locations, wood-framed boat docks are preferred. With over 40 years of experience in wood boat dock manufacturing, ESA Industries will craft a wood system with a functionality and durability that exceeds the highest standards of marine construction.

Our docks are fitted with roto-molded encased floatation and decking options of the client's choice. Boat docks will also be outfitted with accessories of the customer's choice, including bumper cushioning, tie-off cleats, and electrical housings. Canopy and boat-lift systems can be added or transferred as requested.

We will also craft gangway ramps to fit both new dock installs and pre-existing boat docks. Gangway ramps are built to the same durability standards as our boat docks.

Every ESA dock is built custom to the client's specifications. All docks are constructed in our warehouse, and ESA will perform on-site installation of boat docks and gangways as requested. Alternatively, our boat docks can be ordered in kit form, delivered to the installation site or picked up from our factory location, and assembled by the customer.

ESA Industries boat docks come with a three-year warranty and our floats carry a seven-year warranty. Contact for further details.